16. September 2016



Freie evangelische Gemeinde – Church4you
Eugen-Kaiser-Straße 54
61130 Nidderau
E-Mail: ed.ge1532034392f.uar1532034392eddin1532034392@ofni1532034392

Pastor: Frank Pistor
Tel. 06187-9319833
E-Mail: ed.ge1532034392f.uar1532034392eddin1532034392@rots1532034392ap1532034392

Gemeindeleitung: M. Hofmann, M. Muschak, F. Pistor, M. Schirm, S. Volkmar
E-Mail: ed.ge1532034392f.uar1532034392eddin1532034392@lg1532034392

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